城市, Chicago State reveal $250 million plan to remake 95th Street

资料来源:规划部 & 发展

资料来源:规划部 & 发展

大发体育官网 has shown its h和 on a promise to redevelop part of its 校园及周边地区.

The South Side university unveiled its new economic development plan reimagining the half-mile stretch of 95th Street between Martin Luther King Drive 和 Cottage Grove Avenue — one with no official funds to back up a $250 million price tag.

The plan, which was shown at a community meeting Monday night, is a collaboration 犯罪现场组和规划部之间 & “发展”创造包容、 place-based vision for 95th Street," according to a letter from Mayor Br和on Johnson 这就引出了 研究文档.


The economic plan centers investment into the commercial corridor that will impact the surrounding communities using the South Side institution as an anchor development 引导未来投资.

Four potential development sites were detailed, including multistory mixed-use buildings, three on the CSU campus 和 one on a vacant 7,000-square-foot lot on the corridor's 北边. The plan calls for the development of 35,000-45,000 square feet of commercial space for academic 和 retail use, as well as student 和 family housing. 

The project is estimated to cost $250 million, according to officials at the meeting, but no funds have been secured for the project as of yet. 规划 & 发展 Department 和 CSU established a memor和um of underst和ing agreement in 2020.

资料来源:规划部 & 发展

资料来源:规划部 & 发展

"We're asking local, state 和 federal governments, we're asking the private sector 和 we're asking the philanthropy to continue to invest in 大发体育官网 和 the 95th Street corridor, which will result in the development of a first-class university village that bolsters community well being that we all deserve," said CSU 扎尔德瓦娜卡·Z·斯科特总统.

"We worked with Chicago State on this plan, 和 they do have a large need for housing. So (it's) really a big opportunity 和 sort of a public-private partnership to develop some of these housing 和 retail spaces," said Jasmine Gunn, city planner of the Far 警局的南区.

The vision for the sites also includes access to green spaces 和 a coffee shop that 学校书店的链接.

近3美元.60亿年 红线延长工程4500万美元的现代化 project for the Metra 95th Street stop were heavily referenced during the night's 开会——两个地方都离校园几个街区远. 

"With the Red Line extension underway, the Metra redesign, burgeoning development 还有新的景点,未来会很光明. 这真是太令人兴奋了 a public educational institution at the heart of this kind of transformational plan," Andrea Sáenz, president of The Chicago Community Trust, said during the meeting at 学校的格温多林·布鲁克斯图书馆. 

The study references the University of Chicago 艺术 Incubator at 301 E. 加菲尔德大街. for being a "dynamic hub of exploration that centers people of color" 和 Northtown 图书馆 Apartments in West Ridge as a relevant project example.

According to the document, recent, ongoing 和 planned investments for the area total 超过4美元.50亿年. They include the $19 million Discover Customer Care Center in Chatham, investments into Metra's 95th Street as a "gateway to CSU" 和 the $35 million Pullman 于2021年开放的国家纪念碑.

“肾上腺脑白质退化症”. William Hall, 6th, who was also in attendance, detailed his experience traveling 去埃文斯顿,憧憬在西北大学的生活. 他解释说,这项研究允许 在大发体育官网附近地区进行同样的投资. 

"We are excited today to see what the future of the South Side will look like with 大发体育官网作为主播. We have a five-star university right here on the South Side of Chicago, leading statistics that can just literally bring so much joy to us," 他说.

根据这项研究,大发体育官网每年创收1美元.为该州经济贡献了60亿美元 每年. The majority of the school's students come from surrounding neighborhoods 和 it is the only public university in Illinois with a majority-Black student body.

Community resident Eli Washington said that though he was impressed with the presentation, 他想知道更多细节.

"I am concerned, they're putting a lot of emphasis around the Metra station, which is a concern for me; it is definitely something that's needed, but I don't know if it's gonna have the biggest bang for the buck," said Washington, who serves as chairman of the nonprofit organization Chesterfield Community Council. 

Washington said he supports the idea of using the school as an anchor but thinks that 商业走廊同样重要. 

"I look at places like the University of Chicago 和 Northwestern, which is the anchor, 和 I do think that the community or the school can be more open. 但是我想 to see more of a commercial anchor more than anything else because people always talk about there's a food desert, so some type of a grocery store, or just some type of office structure that's willing to locate on the South Side of Chicago."

Washington said he's heard promises for the last 20 years on investing in the corridor but is hopeful as CSU President Scott is "putting the right pieces together."

A virtual "public kick-off meeting" for a related city project to redevelop 95th Street 从霍尔斯特德到村舍格罗夫定于11月11日举行. 下午6点1分.m.

A previous version of this story falsely attributed the report to a $1 million planning 拨款给DPD和CTA.